SOC-BA - Sociology


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BA - Bachelor of Arts



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34441 - SOC-BA

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The online Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology (B.A.) teaches students how people connect to other individuals in networks, teams, and organizations. Students gain insights into stereotyped groups such as race, class, and gender, as well as how to distinguish these from voluntary membership in social clubs, political associations, and professions. Learning how to frame issues as problems to be solved, how to conduct social research, how to communicate effectively and how to apply learning to new complex settings puts students on course for influential leadership positions in diverse organizational, community, cultural, and job settings.

Based on models and recommendations from the American Sociological Association, students completing the online Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology will:

  • Harness sociological terms, concepts, and principles;

  • Evaluate and apply sociological theories to frame issues and problems;

  • Explain social structures, social movements, and social change; and,

  • Apply research methods and strategies to provide data for decision making.

General education courses complement this specialized study and emphasize critical thinking, qualitative reasoning, effective communication and the exploration of the foundations of knowledge and culture.