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BA - Bachelor of Arts



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34511 - PSY-BA

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The online BA in Psychology investigates why people behave the way they do. Throughout the program, students gain insight into motivation, learning, social behavior, and development across the lifespan. Students learn how to conduct research, design surveys, interpret behavioral situations, and communicate effectively.

The online BA in Psychology provides a strong foundation in the four areas that underlie most work in Psychology: Developmental Psychology, Socio-Cultural Approaches, Learning and Cognition, and Biological Bases of Behavior, as well as hands-on experience in commonly used behavioral methods of psychologists. Students will select one of three tracks for their advanced coursework: Organizational Psychology, Psychological Development, or Psychopathology. All students complete a Senior Project, an in-depth exploration of a topic of particular interest and career relevance. Career planning is integrated and emphasized throughout the program.

Consistent with the American Psychological Association’s educational goals, the online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology is designed to enable students to:

  • Develop a strong knowledge base in psychology;

  • Understand and apply research methods in psychology;

  • Use critical and creative thinking skills in psychology;

  • Understand and apply psychological principles; and

  • Reflect the values in psychology.

Students will also develop competencies in information and technological literacy, communication skills, sociocultural and international awareness, personal development, and career planning and development.

General education courses complement this specialized study and emphasize critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, effective communication and the exploration of the foundations of knowledge and culture.