NURED-BSMS - Nursing Education


Official Name of Program

Nursing Education

Plan Code


Department(s) Sponsoring Program



Degree Designation

BSMS - Bachelor of Science/Master of Science



NYSED Program Code

38464 - NURED-BSMS

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The dual RN to BS/MS in Nursing Education program provides registered nurses the opportunity to complete all of the requirements for both the BS in Nursing and MS in Nursing Education in a shortened amount of time. To accomplish this, several BS level courses will be satisfied through the more advanced M.S. coursework, which includes all essential content, but with an expanded approach.

The BS/MS in Nursing Education prepares nurse educators who understand and are able to convey the complexity of delivering quality healthcare, the increasing knowledge required for nursing practice, and the importance of evidenced-based nursing practice. Student learn to:

  • Manage accreditation, national, and state standards

  • Adapt education strategies for diverse learners

  • Develop curricula focused on changing healthcare systems

  • Prepare students and graduates of entry-level nursing education programs and nursing staff in clinical facilities to function in expected RN roles

The program will culminate with a practicum, which will include a clinical placement that will be either in an undergraduate (generic and/or RN-BS) nursing education program or with a Nurse Educator in a clinical facility- dependent on the student’s preference.